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Big changes coming


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We’re back

Well now... here we go again...

It seems that I need to learn a lot more about this whole internet thing. Turns out a plugin had destroyed accessibility to the website for over a year. Of course, I didn't worry myself about it. Just left it to rot, and continued to access my emails.

But then it got too much. I wanted to be back in some way. Have this presence, and so here we are. After a very helpful discussion with the JustHost tech team. We're back.


Horrorgasm, terrifically behind with weeks 4 & 5, can be fixed with liberal backdating.

Dark Skies, 4/10. Some nice atmosphere, surprisingly few jump scares, but generally dull and routine. Inexplicably worse than Signs.

The Unborn, 1/10. Gary Oldman apparently wanted a new car in 2009. High production values doing nothing for a very poor plot and execution. The sort of movie a 14 year old boy might make.

Insidious, 6.5/10. Saw guy loves his masks, too many jump scares, but generally an interesting take on an old genre.

Sinister, 10/10 perfect. Naw, 7/10(?). Deranged pedofile KISS fan stalks Ethan Hawke in this moderately well done remake of Amityville Horror.

American Mary, 3/10. Might have been better with John Waters directing. Poor exploration of body modification subculture. Bad acting, but modern SFX.

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