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Christmas Present

I do actually have a fairly legitimate excuse for letting one more week go by that I'd hoped for. See I wanted to make the post about the radio play and the latest sketches magazine, but as of yet I've not seen the actual physical magazine (though I know they're around) and I was told by higher powers that I needed to wait until the play was posted on the SOAS Radio website, because of essential revisions.

Well I've waited and waited. And I check the site quite a lot, but now with SOAS officially out for winter break I doubt any revisions will be completed before mid-January. And anyway, it was 'aired' in its current form like two weeks ago now, if 'aired' is the correct form for being played through some speakers in a room.

So without any further delay, I am proud to be able to post the SOAS Lit-Soc's effort at Mutual Radio's audio-play, Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot in The Case of the Careless Client.

For comparison, I've also managed to find a recording of one of the original broadcasts from 1945 which I think I found on the Internet Archive and here it is for your further listening pleasure. I didn't actually look for  this at all until after we'd finished recording. However, I did listen to it before I heard our new one. I think we did rather a good job. And I definitely think that some of our more melodramatic moments work better.

Poirot 1945

Thinking about it, it feels kind of strange to think that this is a new recording of something that first was recorded almost seventy years ago. I know that we can listen to music that was written hundreds of years ago, watch Shakespearean plays but this has a sort of temporality where its so close because its within living memory, but actually is very far removed from the present. That said, I always think that the ability to read truly ancient texts in the original language is about the coolest thing possible since we are really moving two, three, four, or five thousand years into the past.


Damnit. I've tried! I've really tried. But now, really, the sun is rising. This is getting too late. Why does WordPress have a 6MB upload limit? Especially when my host is claiming a 25MB limit. Though that doesn't help either since the new play is 29MB. I don't want to make a youtube account, it doesn't even have any pictures to go with it!

...Hopefully I'll be more inclined to deal with this madness sooner rather than later.

Update: Later that night. Realised I could link the '45 one to where I originally got it. I'm sure when SOAS Radio has it I can probably do the same for the new one, but I'd prefer to be able to 'release' it earlier.

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Oops, I went and slept for 2 months…

Oh dear. It looks like I really need to learn how to make posts on my phone, which I am sure it is capable of, wireless wondertool that it is. My mad little tricorder, if only I could make the bluetooth work as well as the old one. It seems as though the Facebook stole all my internet sharing abilities. I really did intend to make some posts here I swear!

But since I'm going to post the promise here, perhaps I will actually get around to it. So without further delay, my planned website posts for the Winter Season, that I definitely will manage to do even if I have to write them away from the internet and put off writing something better:

  1. Another couple of recipes: Including ones that I've cooked this time. I actually have been making some sweet foods recently. I made a big cake, a lemon meringue pie, and a whole bunch of chocolate brownies, and they all went down a storm! I think there are some pictures of them around, so I'll have to repost (and make another pie, it tasted awesome!).
  2. Re-post some of the cool photos that I bothered to put onto facebook over here. This basically is like three separate posts. So... because I can't figure out how to double layer numbered lists in wordpress right now I guess I'll list them below...
  3. Two (or maybe one big one) about some karaoke sessions. These were really fun, in and around central London, though one only kinda counts as karaoke because while I did sing there were a bunch of guys wielding plastic instruments all around. It was playing Rock Band on a stage, and didn't feel embarrassing at all after the fourth vodka.
  4. An origami post. I've been making a few origami things, and while I'm not sure about the legality of posting folding instructions, some of the final models have looked quite nice and I'd like to share them. I have sent a few to people, but pictures are okay too sometimes.
  5. I guess two Lit-Soc posts? I need to promote the radio play, which I intend to do this weekend even if its not been officially launched yet. We recorded a new version of an old Mutual recording of Poirot. I think that our Poirot has a better accent that Harold Hubert, and it all sounds really nice, even with my awful acting! Also I feel the need to push sketches again. There's a new magazine which I edited(!?) and I'm working on revising the first anthology to get some pictures in there, a bunch of new works and hopefully some support from SOAS for it.

I'm not going to say anymore than these because this actually looks like quite a lot already. I would post a deadline, but each one really needs one and I'm not sure in which order I want to post all of these.

A better post next time I hope!

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